Core Values:

  1. Excellence:We strive to offer God and each other our best in all that we do. We       pay close attention to the quality of our service. We believe the details really do             make the difference and we always look for new ways to improve our service in the         Kingdom of God.
  2. Hospitality:We are a Friendly Church. Everyone who walks through our doors               should find a friendly, welcoming and helpful environment.


  3. Servanthood: We are a serving Church. Our goal is to see every member develop       their God-given abilities in the service of others.

    4. Generosity: We are a giving ChurchFreely we have received God’s gifts, so freely       we give of our time, talents and resources.

    5. Diversity: We are a multi-cultural Church. People of all ages, races, abilities and nationalities are welcome.

    6. Spirit-Filled: We seek the presence and power of God’s Spirit. Our desire is to              create an environment where believers can develop the fruit of the Spirit and flow in      the gifts of the Spirit for the benefit of others.

     7. Outreach: We are an evangelistic Church. We encourage our members to openly             share their faith with family and friends who are unchurched.

    8. Word: We are a Word-centered Church.We believe hearing the Word of God              produces faith in our hearts and by faith we can accomplish anything we                believe God is calling us to do.

     9. Prayer: We are a pray ing Church. We believe committing every area of life to prayer            is essential. One of our main goals is to become a house of prayer for all people.

     10. The Goodness of God: Our fundamental belief can be summed up in just three                words: “GOD IS GOOD”


Since you excel in so many ways – in your faith, your gifted speakers,
                             your knowledge, your enthusiasm, and your love for us –                                    I want you to excel also in this gracious act of giving.       
2 Corinthians 8:7 (NLT)