About Us

Excel Church is a Spirit-filled congregation proclaiming the uncompromising Word of God in a contemporary and creative manner, to all people in a loving environment where everyone can grow to their fullest potential in Christ and carry the message of the Gospel throughout the world. Our purpose is to develop an atmosphere that is conducive for the Holy Spirit to move and operate. This is brought about by Pastor Barrick placing emphasis upon unity and unconditional love one toward another, regardless of a person’s denominational, financial, cultural or racial background. Excel Church was birthed out of a handful of people who shared the vision God had placed within Pastor Barrick’s heart. A vision of  “Helping all people Excel in every area of life.”  We establishing a place of worship where people from different racial, financial, denominational, and cultural backgrounds could gather together to hear the uncompromising Word of God; be able to worship the Lord with liberty and freedom; build relationships; and grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.